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NMaktima Select Streamer Fly Box

NMaktima Select Streamer Fly Box

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There is nothing more exciting than a big trout exploding on a streamer! Here are 10 of NMaktima's favorite streamer patterns. Norman has spent years fishing these patterns on a variety of water types from rivers to stillwaters. Fish these patterns solo or in tandem, with a floating line or a variety of sink tips to full sink lines. All flies are tied on quality single hooks with tungsten beads and come in the Double Sided Slit Foam Box.

Watch the video to see a couple of these streamers in action!

Patterns Included:

2- Ribbon Shirt Olive/Gold (size 10, 3.8mm)

2- Ribbon Shirt Black/Chartreuse (size 10, 3.8mm)

2- Zonked Out White (size 10, 3.8mm)

2- Zonked Out Black (size 10, 3.8mm)

2- Chongos Claret/Black (size 10 jig, 4.3mm)

2- Humungous Bugger Black/Silver (size 10, 3.8mm)

2- Humungous Bugger Tan/Silver (size 10, 3.8mm)

2- Squirrely Natural/Pink (size 12, 3.8mm)

2- Squirrely Olive (size 12, 3.8mm)

2- Squirrely Purple/Red (size 12, 3.8mm)

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