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NMaktima Fly Fishing Designed Nymph Fly Box

NMaktima Fly Fishing Designed Nymph Fly Box

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Here is an assorted box of my signature nymph patterns. These patterns are designed/hand tied by me and are my "go to" patterns anywhere. These "Euro Nymphs" can also be fished under an indicator or dry fly. I have fished these patterns in a variety of water from freestone stream, tailwaters and lakes.

48 flies, designed and tied by Norman Maktima, come loaded in the Slim Silicone Fly Box. A premium fly box that holds these nymphs firmly in place. This slim profile is great to maximize space and perfect for that day/working box with go to flies.

Dimensions of box: .6" X 3.75" X 5.33"

Flies included by row:

6-Maktima's Flash Fav Purple (sizes 12 & 14)

6-Maktima's Flash Fav Orange (sizes 12 & 14)

6-Maktima's Flash Fav Black (sizes 12 & 14)

6-Maktima's Comp Hare's Ear (sizes 12 & 14)

6-May ICU Olive (sizes 14 & 16)

6-May ICU Brown (sizes 14 & 16)

3-Perdichingon Peacock (size 16) & 3-Perdichingon Purple (size 16)

3-ICU Midge Red (size 18) & 3-ICU Midge Black/White (size 18)

[size 12 hooks - 3.8mm tungsten bead, size 14 hooks - 3.3 mm tungsten bead, size 16 hooks - 2.8mm tungsten bead, size 18 - 2.3mm tungsten bead]

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