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Euro Nymph Kit Fly Box

Euro Nymph Kit Fly Box

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Here is a solid assortment of some of my favorite "confidence" euro nymphs in our slim silicone fly box. Included are some of my patterns, as well as adaptations of patterns I've learned from friends and fellow competition anglers. Fish these on a Euro Nymph rig, dry dropper or suspension set up to find find fish in a variety of conditions. These are preferred sizes and colors that I keep plenty of stock of in my personal box when on the water. Total of 64 flies in this box.

Included patterns:

4-Flash Fav's Orange (sz 12)

4-Flash Fav's Lavendar (sz 12)

4-Flash Fav's Purple (sz 14)

4-Flash Fav's Black (sz 14)

8-Pink Tag nymphs (sz 14 & sz 16)

8-Orange Tag nymphs (sz 14 & sz 16)

4-May ICU Brown (sz 14), 4-May ICU Olive (sz 16)

4-Thread Frenchies Orange (sz 14), 4-Comp Hare's Ear (sz 14)

4-Red Butt nymphs (sz 16), 4-Quill Body nymphs (sz 16)

4-Perdichingons Rootbeer (sz 16), 4-Perdichingons UV Blue (sz 16)

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