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Hopper Dropper Kit Fly Box

Hopper Dropper Kit Fly Box

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This is a solid selection of 20 attractor hopper patterns and nymphs. These dries are highly visible, able to suspend any of the tungsten bead headed nymphs included and fish love to come up and smash them. The nymphs include several patterns that are tried and true when fishing dry droppers in any moving body of water (I wouldn't hesitate to straight euro nymph any of the nymphs either). Flies come in a durable 1" x 3.75" x 6.5" clear lidded fly box with a ridged foam insert that will holds flies solidly.

Flies included:

2 - Purple Chubby Chernobyls Purple size 8

2- Chubby Chernobyls Black/Lavender size 10

2 - Maktima Leggy Hopper Yellow size 8

2 - Maktima Leggy Hopper Tan size 10

2 - Flash Fav Callibaetis size 14 (3.3mm bead)

2 - May ICU Brown size 14 (3.3mm bead)

2 - Perdichingon Peacock size 14 (3.3mm bead)

2 - May ICU Olive size 16 (2.8mm bead)

2 - Thread Frenchie Brown/Orange size 16 (2.8mm bead)

2 - Quill Body Nymph size 16 (2.8mm bead)

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